Maine’s MidCoast Region offers an experiential and exploratory tour of the state’s “best-of” list. Driving along the coast of Maine, you’ll be able to explore the peninsulas that sprout from the mainland like fingers and reach towards the sea. There are so many possibilities along the MidCoast that you can’t experience it all in one trip.


Summer in Coastal Maine is the perfect time for picnic at Reid State Park and kayaking in Boothbay Harbor. In fall, be sure to stop at one or two pumpkin patches, vegetable stands and wineries tucked amid the region’s rolling hills. Come back in winter to discover Rockland’s art galleries and breweries on your way to the Camden Snow Bowl.


Flanked by the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath on one end and the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport on the other, the MidCoast’s culture and heritage are indelibly and deliciously linked to its maritime history. Discover your new favorite lobster shack, search for the perfect lobster roll or dive into a full-on oyster feast in Damariscotta or Newcastle. Then sit back and watch the lobster boats approach the harbor, stacked high with traps.


Drive to Camden Hills State Park and disappears up the mountainside on a winding road enclosed in a tunnel of colorful trees. Each bend in the road is a new experience. At any moment the tree line can recede, revealing a jaw-dropping ocean view, a glimpse of a hidden cove, or a gorgeous seaside village.